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Pink Sugar

     Anyone who knows me instantly knows I am passionate about animals and arts. I spend my days looking after my pets: Monty the Pug, Francis and Roo the Dachshunds, Cookie and Cream the Rats, Brambles and Berry the Guinea Pigs and let's not forget about the Chickens:  Beeaky, Ambré and Blossom! I also have two beautiful bunnies, Lavender and Howie.  Oh and I horse ride in my spare time, as well as help out with horse errands for a friend!

     When I am not looking after all those wonderful creatures, I am creating art. I love to draw, paint, do anything crafty, as well as sew.  I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy creating it.  

     The earrings are made from polymer clay. I received some as a Christmas present, and I made the first earrings originally as gifts. It turns out they are quite popular and therefore the decision was made to expand them into my business. I have the most fun making the earrings. There are so many amazing colours and effects that I have used for a vast range of styles. I never tire of making new products! Each pair is distinctive from the next. 

    All in all I just love making stuff! I hope you guys are living the dream wearing it - because I'm living the dream making it!

Pink Sugar

Meet the workers

Daddy Toon me.jpg

Gavin [ICT guy]

Maryann [assistant]

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